Qualitative Altai honey
The nature of the Altai create unique conditions for the production of environmentally friendly natural high quality honey. Our apiaries are located in natural areas untouched by civilization, where many medicinal honey plants. Therefore, honey is rich in vitamins and trace elements rare.


Packaging of our product

Packaging of our product

We sell honey in bulk kuboteynerah on weight, or packaged in glass and PET jars. 
Possible packing with the label of your product brand.

Honey in glass jars

Packing honey in glass jars - it is the most environmentally friendly and clean the chemical composition of an option package. At your request we can make labels with your brand name or trademark with your logo and details. On our labels contain all the information required by law. Honey can be shipped directly to stores and shops.

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Honey in plastic jars

It is also possible packing honey in plastic jars. The volume of cans negotiated individually when ordering. Depending on your goals, we can make the labels. Honey in plastic jars conveniently stored and transported safely.

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Honey in kuboteynerah

For wholesale customers we offer to buy honey in kuboteynerah 32 kg. Honey in kuboteynerah is very popular, because in this way it is easy to transport and store.Kuboteynery made of food grade plastic and intended for long term storage of natural honey.