Qualitative Altai honey
The nature of the Altai create unique conditions for the production of environmentally friendly natural high quality honey. Our apiaries are located in natural areas untouched by civilization, where many medicinal honey plants. Therefore, honey is rich in vitamins and trace elements rare.




Ingredients: 100% honey

Altai honey is a unique a natural product that has become a recognized brand not only on the territory of Russia, but also far beyond its limits. 

Wholesale natural Altai high-quality honey. 
Weight and packaged honey at a great price. 
Delivery Russia honey to abroad.

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Natural whipped honey with berries.

Ingredients: 90% honey and 10% berries

It turns out according to a special recipe - honey is mixed for a week without heating with the gradual addition of dried berries.

Gradually, the whipped honey takes on the color of the fruit, the crystals decrease, and the consistency becomes thick and no longer crystallizes.

Not used thickeners, dyes and flavors.

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